Agata Kulik / Pawel Pomorski

Votre définition de l'écodesign et comment vous vous inscrivez dans cette démarche?
Ecoproduct is the product which you can trow it to the garbage without to feel guilty about it. One piece to the paper, second to the steel, which somebody can recycled. In our time things are changing so fast, there's no reason to have products for a whole live long...

Les matériaux que vous aimez travailler?
Paper, steel, wood, but natural pieces of wood. We love to painting products.

Votre objet préféré?
Ours: BLOW Sofa, because is so fresh, so smart, so different than e made so far. Not ours: the chair "ecopoltrona" by "Essent'ial, made from paper which need to be stuff by old paper or garbage, newspaper, etc.

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